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Electro-Chemical Weld Cleaner

The Best Option To Remove Weld Discoloration From Stainless Steel.

Metal fabricators have been continually plagued by the unsightly weld burns that cover their precision welds.  Time, labor, and costly chemicals needed to clean the almost-finished product cut into profit margins and reduce shop efficiency and morale.  Capital Weld Cleaners has created the perfect solution.  The Capital Weld Cleaner provides shop professionals with the most dependable and efficient electro-chemical cleaner on the market.  The electric cleaner uses precision technology to instantly clean discoloration from recently welded materials.  Within minutes, your technicians will have a picture-perfect finished product and be ready to move to the next task.  No more abrasives, no more excessive labor, no more headaches.  Capital Weld Cleaners will put you back in control of your shop... and your bottom line.
In the past the process consisted of "pickle and passivate" - a two-step method used to create a surface on stainless steel that resists corrosion.  Pickling or chemical descaling is done to remove the scale and to clean the part before the passivation process takes place.  The passivating of stainless steel is done post fabrication with the end goal of making the surface more passive and corrosion resistant by restoring the surface to the original characteristics with a protective oxide film.
Why Passivation:
The passivation process removes unwanted debris and oils from the surface and then submerges the part into a passivating bath.  When a part is machined or welded dirt and debris and other particles such as free iron, grease and machining oils can become embedded in the surface.  These are often unseen and are the causes of surface deterioration.  Passivation doesn't change the appearance of the part but acts like a protective coating by creating a monomoleclur oxide film to protect the item.

Key Feature Comparison


Efficient process dramatically reduces finishing time and labour costs.
Electro-Chemical reaction does not alter the surface finish.
New ergonomic and insulated wand design prevents user fatigue.
Each unit supports the use of (2) wands to double productivity.
Compatible with New Brush and Etching Options.
Higher power setting for faster cleaning of MIG/TIG welds.
Various electrode designs easily match your specific application.
12' heavy duty work cables improve durability and efficiency.
Unit employs circuit and thermal protection for safety and durability.
Power input selectable from 110v for domestic and 220v for international use.
Uses stainless electrodes not copper, to prevent cross-contamination.

The ordering of either machine will come complete with the weld cleaner unit, (1) Wand assembly, (1) Ground clamp-cable, (1) Standard electrode, (1) CB-5 Insulator sleeve pack, (1) Quart of cleaning solution, (1) Weld Cleaning Brush and (1) Pint of Weld Cleaner Neutralizer. Additional consumables and accessories can be purchased as needed.

Videos on YouTube of the Capital Weld Cleaner.

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