Victor Torch Handle Design & Construction Features

Rugged, Efficient Design - Threaded Assemble for Ease of Service

Victor torch handles give you twice the value.
Each torch handle is designed and built to withstand rugged job site conditions in case of damage.  Victor threaded assembly design lets you replace parts quickly and economically.

  Performance proven Tube-Within-A-Tube design.
Victor torch handles include one oxygen tube within a massive, heavy ribbed handle which also serves as the gas tube.  The result is greater strength and durability plus a reduction in overall size and weight for ease of operation.

Compact balanced attachments:
For welding, cutting or heating.  Each torch handle is designed for correct balance and feel with its own nozzles and attachments.  With proper balance of length and weight, operator fatigue is minimized.

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Last update 31 October 2008

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