Machine Cutting Torches Design
& Construction Features

Victor Machine Torches
Are available in two and three hose versions. Two hose torches are available in 4-1/2", 10" and 18" models, and three hose torches are available in 10" and 18" models.
The Check Valve
Prevents the reverse flow of gases.

Gas Flow.
Disk assembly seals tight against seat in event of reverse flow.
Spring compresses under normal flow, moving disk assembly forward and allowing gas flow.
Outlet Side.

MT 200 Series
Two hose model.
Check Valve - Pair Pak

- Straight Through Design Minimizes turbulence, improves cutting performance.
- High Performance Mixer Design Provide optimum performance.
- Rugged Brass Torch Head And Body For maximum strength.
- Pre-Drilled 1-3/8" Diameter Barrels For three position mounting flexibility.
- Accessory Reverse Flow Check Valves Supplied with all machine torches for added operator safety.
MT 300 Series
Three hose model.