Stoody JS-100 Jet Spray Torch

The manual power torch enables the operator to apply build-up or hardfacing alloys to extend the life of common tools.  Through the simple application of general oxy-acetylene surfacing practices, smooth dense coatings can be achieved.  Power applications and fusion are incorporated in one easy operation.  The powder flow rate and movement of the torch controls the thickness.

Designed to mate with your existing oxy/acetylene source equipment, the manual powder torch comes complete with torch handle, elbow assembly, 3 different size heatings, a 1 lb. bottle of each of the most commonly used build-up and hardfacing powders and a "how to" video.  Additional powders are available for more demanding applications where greater surface hardness is required.  Choose a Rockwell hardness from RC 22 to RC 60.

The simple, mainteneace free design makes the manual powder torch easy to set up even easier to use.  Operation is so easy, even a novice welder can repair broken cast iron parts, apply wear resistant coatings to thin parts, or replace metal worn by erosion or abrasion, all with superior metallurgical bonds.

Items Included:
  • Torch Handle.
  • Hopper assembly.
  • Elbow assembly.
  • TE Tips: size 3 & 4.
  • TEMF Tip: size 6.
  • 1 lb. of bottle of Stoody 63 T.G. (Build-Up Powder).
  • 1 lb. of bottle of Stoody 85 T.G. (Wear Prevention Powder).
  • "How to" video.
JS-100 Kit
Price Part # Description Hose
$559.29 122-11-100 JS-100 Kit 9/16"-18 Oxy/Acet

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