Victor HD310C Torch Handle

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Victor HD310C Torch Handle

Built tough to withstand rugged job site conditions. Threaded assembly permits economical repair if service is necessary. The HD 310C has “B” hose connections with built-in reverse flow check valves for added safety. The HD 310C is compatible with high capacity heating nozzles and all Victor® 300 Series apparatus

  • Use Flashback Arrestors.
  • Although built to Victor’s quality and safety standards, due to the cutting capacity and/or design of each torch, flashback arrestors are not manufactured into these Victor Heavy Industry Torches.
  • To reduce the risk of personal injury, death and/or property damage, use sufficient capacity flashback arrestors with all Victor Heavy Industry Torch Products.
  • Alternative fuel gas only refers to Propane, Natural Gas, Propylene Gases. Acetylene, Hydrogen and Gasoline are NOT included as an alternative gas.
    Welding & Cutting Apparatus:
  • MFA & MFN Heating Nozzles.
  • Type 55 High Capacity Heating Nozzles.
  • CA 2460 Cutting Attachment.
  • W Series Welding Nozzles
HD310C Torch Handle
Buy Price Part # Description Hose
Gas Weight Length
0382-0015 HD310C 9/16-18 All 28oz. 11" / 27.9cm

Flashback Arrestors - For Use With The HD310C Torches
Oxygen - Select one of the following.
Buy Price Part # Model Type
$99.17 0657-0010 FB-O* Torch Mount
94.17 0657-0014 FB-OR Regulator Mount
Fuel - Select one of the following.
$99.17 0657-0011 FB-F* Torch Mount  
$94.17 0657-0015 FB-FR Regulator Mount  
*Torch mount models also protect the hose.
Pair Packs - Select one of the following.
$155.84 0656-0001 FB-1* Oxy/Fuel Pair Pack Torch Mount  
$155.84 0656-0004 FBR-1 Oxy/Fuel Pair Pack Regulator Mount  

On orders over $200.00.
Contiguous U.S., Standard Ground Shipping

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