• Easy to use adjusting knob.
  • More natural and safer hand/body position while adjusting delivery pressure.
  • Gauges feature high contrast graphics for quick read.
  • Colour coded for quick identification.

Advanced Design -
Durable and Compact

Most regulators have multiple impact points.  The Victor Professional Edge Series has a single controlled impact point.  The Edge is smaller, lighter and more compact.  The unique configuration protects all elements critical to system integrity including:

  • High and low pressure gauges built in and recessed into the body for protection.
  • High-strength diaphragm assembly.
  • Seat mechanism.
  • Safety relief valve.
  • Outlet hose connection
The internal vent system of the regulator is designed to protect from weather elements.  It is recessed and channeled for water run-off and protected under the adjusting knob.

Itís easy for a regulator to maintain good flow performance when inlet pressures are high, but cylinder pressure decay is inevitable.  A regulator needs to perform well across the entire range of cylinder pressures.  This is where the Edge regulator outperforms the competition.

  • Better flow control across a full range of cylinder pressures.
  • Exceptional sensitivity and precision in delivery pressure control.