Victor Medical Equipment

Diaphragm Style Preset Regulator

Victor offers two series of 50 PSIG preset regulators. The SR-200 Series regulators are heavy duty and designed to handle high flow rates up to 325 LPM for oxygen and 100 LPM nitrous oxide. Regulators incorporate 2" high visibility gauges. The VMP-Series heavy duty regulators are lightweight and designed to hug the cylinder which reduce chances of bumping. These regulators use high visibility 1-1/2" gauges and have same flow characteristics as SR-200 Series.

Included Features:
  • Diaphragm style regulators for accuracy and durability.
  • 6 year warranty.
  • Filtered outlet assures liter flow accuracy.
  • Preset 50 PSIG.

Part Number
SR203 MAP326, Heavy Duty, 50 PSI Preset, CGA 326
SR203 MAP540, Heavy Duty, 50 PSI Preset, CGA 540
VMP 50SY, Lightweight, 50 PSI Preset, CGA 870
VMP 50SN, Lightweight, 50 PSI Preset, CGA 346

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