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TIGMASTER TIG Connectors Extension Adaptors

Part Number Description Unit of
Price Buy
TM PCA2 TIG Adaptor - Extension. Each $24.83
TM PCA2-3 TIG Boot Rubber for PCA2. Each $5.90
TM PCA2-4 TIG Adaptor for PCA2 to 3/8" UNF. Each $3.50
TM TEC25 TIG Connector TIG Dinse 10-25 style TM9, 17. Each $19.00
TM TEC50 TIG Connector TIG Dinse 35-50 style TM26. Each $19.92
TM TEC50W TIG Connector TI Dinse 35-50 TM18. Each $23.42
TM TECBOOT TIG Boot - Rubber for TEC. Each $3.50
TM AD5878LH TIG Adaptor 5/8-18 Male RH to 7/8 FM LH. Each $30.00

On orders over $200.00.
CONUS, Standard Ground Shipping

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Last update 1 Jan 2009