Unlike any other cutting technology used today, the new Arcair SLICE System can cut, burn or pierce virtually any metallic, non-metallic or composite material.

Cuts right through hard-to-cut materials.

Such as mild, stainless and alloy steels. Cast iron, aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. Slag and refactory materials. Punch through concrete or brick. Even if it’s caked with rust, mud or other corrosion, you can cut through nearly anything with the SLICE System.

Handles hundreds of cutting jobs.

Use the Arcair SLICE System in the shop or in the field to repair and maintain heavy equipment and remove headless bolts or frozen pins. You can cut insulated pipe or ducting. Make short work of rebar and coated structural steel. Burn through bridge steel and decking, concrete lined pipe and highway guard rails. Or take hardfacing off buckets and wear surfaces.

This unique system is a natural for plant maintenance, building renovation or demolition, scrap cleanup and salvage work. It removes cutting edges on loaders for repair or replacement. Even burns through mud or rust-covered machinery frames. There’s never been a more versatile cutting tool!

Fast Cutting Speed.

Because the Arcair SLICE System needs no preheat, you can start cutting sooner to finish every job faster. And compared to oxyacetylene cutting, the SLICE System is three times faster on 3" mild steel, twice as fast on 1/8" steel. You get similar results with other common metals. And for materials oxyacetylene can’t cut — such as aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and mineral aggregates ---- there’s no contest.

It works like this.

The SLICE System uses a special Arcair torch that feeds oxygen and electrical power to a patented SLICE exothermic cutting rod. You supply oxygen and a 12-volt battery or a welding machine (CC). The battery gives you fast ignition and portability. The welding machine lets you maintain a continuous arc (up to 200 amps) with conductive materials for cutting temperatures over 10,000 F (5,538 C).

Either way, you simply turn on the oxygen and touch the cutting rod to the SLICE striker or grounded work piece. The cutting rod ignites immediately and continues to burn. Even without current, it produces temperatures hot enough to cut through virtually any material.

Comfortable and easy to use.

The SLICE torch has a comfort-designed pistol grip, a tough but lightweight shield to help protect the operator from heat and sparks, and a squeeze lever on the handle for easy oxygen control. An optional collet extension and shield provide additional protection from heat produced during piercing operations. The Arcair SLICE torch, complete with cables and cutting rod, weighs less than seven pounds.

Carry-all convenience.

Because the work can’t always come to you, we’ve packed the awesome cutting power of the Arcair SLICE System into several portable SLICE Packs offering your choice of options. So now there are a variety of ways to take the SLICE exothermic torch with you, anywhere in the plant ... in your service truck ... or to the most remote job site. These SLICE Pack Systems make sure you’ll get exactly what you need.

The right cutting rod for any job Arcair lets you choose the SLICE cutting rod that’s best for your cutting job. Economical 1/4" x 22 " rods. Heavy duty 3/8" diameter rods for wider cuts through thick materials and those heavy piercing jobs. Flux coated rods for more cut per rod inch and good arc stability when operating with power. There’s even a 1/4" x 44" uncoated rod for cutting in hard-to-reach areas.

And all SLICE cutting rods cut fast — because once they’re ignited they continue to burn as long as you maintain the oxygen flow.

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