Air Plasma Cutting System

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Introducing the next generation of innovative Plasma Cutting Systems from Thermal Dynamics.

The new 1 Series CUTMASTER Plasma Cutting systems include, as standard equipment, the revolutionary 1 Torch universal plasma cutting torch and the easy to use ATC ( Advanced Torch Connector ) Quick Disconnect. All the advantages of 1 Torch combined with proven CUTMASTER reliability and performance make CUTMASTER 1 Series the new standard for flexibility, performance and value.

The CUTMASTER 52 is a rugged, portable plasma cutting system designed for the 1/2 inch cutting market. True to Thermal Dynamics tradition of quality and innovation, CUTMASTER 52 provides the features metal fabrication professionals have come to expect.

CUTMASTER 52 - The Next Generation

1 Torch with ATC Quick Disconnect The CUTMASTER 52 is equipped with the same great 1 Torch introduced in 2002 as a universal replacement torch. We've added the ATC Quick Disconnect to the CUTMASTER 52 so you can easily convert from a hand to a machine torch operation in a matter of seconds.

Optional ATC Lead Extensions for Improved Versatility.

The Optional ATC Lead Extensions give flexibility and versatility to your cutting operations when you need it. Quick Disconnect Lead Extensions in 15 ft. ( 4.6m ), 25 ft. ( 7.6m ) and 50 ft. ( 15.2m ) lengths, make it easy and efficient to add ( to a total maximum of 100 ft. / 30.5m ) or subtract lead length according to the job requirements

Auto Pilot Restart

Available on all CUTMASTER 1 Series systems, this feature is useful for cutting expanded metal or in any application where automatic pilot restart is desirable. In Auto Pilot Start restart mode, the operator has continuous operation without having to retrigger the torch switch.

1 Series Start Technology

Our new CUTMASTER 1 Series start technology eliminates electronic interference that can occure with other designs. The 1 Torch technology provides quick, reliable starts, a strong pilot arc to penetrate rust and paint, and the ability to cut expanded metal quickly and easily.

Rugged Case Design

The CUTMASTER 51 is built for hard outdoor use as a portable plasma cutter. The innovative case design is the result of extensive stress testing and field evaluations. The wrap around roll bar protects the case from damage resulting from shocks and collisions. The new powder coat finish provides a harder, more resistant surface for protection against scratches and marks.

New 1 Torch with ATC Design

ATC Quick Disconnect
This advanced torch connection makes it quick and easy to connect or disconnect safely and securely, each and every time.

New Improved Torch Leads
1 Torch leads are lightweight, extremely flexible and tough. Optional ATC Lead Extensions offer flexibility.

Start Cartridge
This unique design allows the pilot arc to start without moving consumable parts, resulting in better parts life and cut performance.

New Ergonomic Torch Handle
With an innovative, easy to use torch trigger release and precisely engineered grip, the 1 Torch is both easy and comfortable to use.

Precision Engineered Torch Tips
1 Torch introduces a completely new tip technology. Each tip is uniquely tuned to optimize cut performance at its rated cutting current. The result is precision gas management, longer consumable parts life and better cut performance across the entire range of 1 Torch tips.

Encapsulated Torch Head
The new encapsulated torch head protects the working parts.

Sheild Cup with Greater Visibility
An Extended Tip allows for greater visibility and control and precision drag cutting at low power.

SureLok Electrode Technology
The innovative, patented electrode self-locking mechanism eliminates the need for an installation tool and ensures that the electrode and tip will be in perfect alignment. Both the electrode and tip are stationary which results in a well defined arc and precise cuts. This perfect alignment also means longer tip and electrode life, reducing operating costs.

Cut Quality

Genuine Cut - The Thermal Dynamics standard for a genuine cut is an excellent, smooth cut surface with little or no dross. CUTMASTER 51 produces that excellent cut on 1/2" ( 13mm ) mild steel.

1/2" ( 13 mm ) Genuine Cut

Maximum Cut - At 1-1/8 inch ( 30mm ) maximum cut rating, CUTMASTER 52 still has plenty of power. This extra capacity is important for the fabractor who occasionally need to cut thicker material or needs to bevel cut thick plate.

1-1/8" ( 30 mm ) Maximum Cut


Plasma Arc Gouging ( PAG ) - Plasma Arc Gouging is a fast, economical and an environmentally friendly method of removing metal. A simple change of torch tip can convert the CUTMASTER 51 into a versatile gouging system. High arc transfer distance and long arc characteristics allow excellent accessibility and visibility while maintaining uniform metal removal.


Beveling - Extended tips result in excellent visibility and control. High travel speeds and minimal heat input make this an efficient and cost effective way to prepare the edge of pipe or plate.


  Spare Parts Kit
Cat No. Description Manual
9-8219 Torch Head, 75o 0 0
8-3487 O-Ring 1 1
9-3486 O-Ring 1 1
9-8215 Electrode, Maximum Life 3 3
9-8213 Start Cartridge 0 1
9-8207 Tip, 40 Amp Drag 7 5
9-8218 Shield Cup 0 1
9-8208 Tip, 40 Amp Cutting    
9-8225 Tip, 40 Amp Gouging    
9-8237 Shield Cup Body, Maximum Life    
9-8245 Shield Cap, 40 Amp Machine    
9-8243 Shield Cap, Deflector    
9-8241 Shield Cap, Gouging    

Stock No.
$270.00 9-8219 Torch Head, 75 Degree  
$11.30 8-3487 O-Ring, Sold in a package of 5  
$11.95 8-3486 O-Ring, Sold in a package of 5  
$44.10 9-8215 Electrode, Maximum Life, Sold in a package of 5  
$35.93 9-8213 Start Cartridge  
$30.50 9-8207 Tip, 40 Amp Drag, Sold in a package of 5  
$27.76 9-8218 Shield Cup  
$81.84 5-0050 Manual, Spare Parts Kit  
$165.00 5-0052 Machine, Spare Parts Kit  
$30.50 9-8208 Tip, 40 Amp Cutting, Pkg of 5  
$37.35 9-8225 Tip, 40 Amp Gouging, Pkg of 5  
$44.10 9-8237 Shield Cup Body, Maximum Life  
$19.54 9-8245 Shield Cap 40 Amp Machine  
$11.38 9-8243 Shield Cap Deflector  
$19.54 9-8241 Shield Cap Gouging  
$122.00 7-7507 Air Filter Kit: .85 Micron Particulate
Filter for use on compressed air systems
$34.77 9-7741 Replacement Filter  
$426.00 9-8310 Automation Interface Kit  
$239.00 9-8312 CNC Interface Cable, 25 ft. ( 7.6m )  
$400.00 9-8313 CNC Interface Cable, 50 ft. ( 15.2m )  
$249.00 7-8911 Straight Line Cutting Guide Kit: Easy add on attachments to allow for straight line cutting.
$367.00 7-2827 Pinion Assembly  
$234.00 7-7544 ATC Lead Extension, 15 ft. ( 4.6m )
$276.00 7-7545 ATC Lead Extension, 25 ft. ( 7.6m )
$539.00 7-7552 ATC Lead Extension, 50 ft. ( 15.2m )
$76.00 9-1258 Leather Lead Cover, 15ft. ( 4.6m )
$90.00 9-1260 Leather Lead Cover, 20ft.
$110.00 9-1270 Leather Lead Cover, 25ft.
$212.00 9-1280 Leather Lead Cover, 50ft.
$264.00 7-8910 Cutting Guide Kit: Easy add on attachments to allow for straight line, circle cutting and beveling.
$150.00 9-8510 Wheel Kit  
$235.00 7-8888 Multi-Purpose Cart: Rugged steel cart with large rubber wheels, swivel casters and extra shelf to maximize system portability.

Cut Capacity 1/2" (13mm) Genuine Cut, 1-1/8" (30mm) Maximum, 3/8" (10mm) Pierce
Output Current 20 - 40 Amps Adj.
Input Power 208 - 460 V, 1/3 ph. 60 Hz. 18/12 Amps
Duty Cycle 40% @ 40 A
Weight 43 lbs (19.5 kgs)
Work Cable Length 20' ( 6.1m )
Control Hard Torch Switch or Hand Pendant Control
Input Power Cable 10' ( 3m ) w/ Plug ( 208 - 460 V )
Gas Type Air
Gas Pressure 75 psi ( 4.8 bar )
Gas Flow 5.8 cfm / 165 lpm
Pilot Start Cartridge

Model SL60 w/ ATC
Hand 75o Head, 20ft. (6.1m) or 50 ft. (15.2m) Leads
Machine 180o Head, 25ft. (7.6m) or 50 ft. (15.2m) Leads
Optional Lead Extensions 15 ft. (4.6m), 25 ft. (7.6m), 50 ft. (15.2m)
Warranty Limited Warranty, 3 yrs Power Supply, 1 yr Torch
Certifications IP-23C, CSA, NTRL/C, CE

CutMaster 52:
Buy Price Part # Description
$2,017.50 1-5130-1 CUTMASTER 52, 208 - 460 V, 1/3ph, w/ SL60 75o hand torch, 20ft. (6.1m) leads.
$2,152.12 1-5131-1 CUTMASTER 52, 208 - 460 V, 1/3 ph, w/ SL60 75o hand torch, 50ft. (15.2m) leads.

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