CUTMASTER 152 - The Next Generation

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1Torch with ATC Quick Disconnect.

The CUTMASTER 152 is equipped with the same great 1Torch introduced in 2002 as a universal replacement torch. The ATC Quick Disconnect makes it easy to convert from a hand to a machine torch operation in a matter of seconds.

Optional Lead Extensions.
Add or subtract lead length to match the job requirements with optional leads extension packages available in 15 ft. (4.6m), 25 ft. (7.6m) and 50 ft. (15.2m) lengths. Recommended maximum length is 100 ft. / 30.5m.

Input Voltage Protection. This feature prevents damage to the unit and shuts the unit down safely if connected to the wrong input voltage.

Tip Saver™ – Current Fold Back Circuit.
This feature protects the consumable parts by automatically reducing the cutting current while cutting or gouging at higher output levels, saving both time and money.

Auto Pilot Restart.
Available on all CUTMASTER 1Series systems, this feature is useful for cutting expanded metal or in any application where automatic pilot restart is desirable. In Auto Pilot Restart mode, the operator has continuous operation without having to re-trigger the torch switch.

1Series Start Technology.
Our new CUTMASTER 1Series start technology eliminates electronic interference that can occur with other designs. 1Torch technology provides quick, reliable starts, and a strong pilot arc to cut through rusted, painted or coated surfaces without prior surface preparation.

Rugged Case Design .
Built for hard outdoor use as a portable plasma cutter, the innovative case design is the result of extensive stress testing and field evaluations. The wraparound roll bar protects the case from damage resulting from shocks and collisions and the powder coat finish provides a harder, more scratch resistant surface.

The New Thermal Dynamics 1 Torch Plasma Torch

The torch is the most important feature of any plasma cutting system. The new 1 Torch design brings a new standard of cut quality and durability to light metal cutting.

  • 1 Torch SL100 handles encapsulate and protect the torch head.
  • Consumable parts are precisely calibrated for CUTMASTER 152 cutting applications.
  • New protective interlock switch for positive trigger control.
  • High visibility shield cup for precision cutting, visibility when cutting and beveling.
  • The SureLok electrode eliminates tip wobble found in blow apart torch designs resulting in cleaner arc and longer tip life.
  • Ergonomic torch handle for comfort and control.
  • Flexible, lightweight leads combine durability with ease of use.
  • 1 year torch and lead warranty.

Cut Quality

1-1/4" (32mm) Genuine Cut

Genuine Cut - With 100 amps of available cutting power, CUTMASTER 152 has plenty of power to quickly and precisely cut 1 1/4" ( 32mm ) steel. Genuine Cut means 10 inches per minute cutting speed, an excellent smooth cut surface, and little or no dross with no need for grinding or rework.

2" (50mm) Maximum Cut

Maximum Cut - CUTMASTER 152 has plenty of power to quickly and smoothly through 2" ( 50mm ) mild steel. This is especially important when the cut requires a clean bevel, or when the cut involves several overlapping pieces of thinner material which have been built up to a thicker material to cut.


Narrow Kerf - The patented SureLok electrode firmly locks the electrode in place, so the electrode does not wobble as pressurized air passes around it. The result is a precise, well defined cutting arc that produces an exceptionally clean and narrow cut kerf.


Hear Affected Zone - Faster cutting speeds and a narrow kerf result in less heat introduced into the plate. Minimal heat affected zone and heat distortion means quicker fit up and better welds for the finished product.


  Spare Parts Kit
Cat No. Description Standard
8-3487 O-Ring 1 1
8-3486 O-Ring 1 1
9-8215 Electrode, Maximum Life 3 15
9-8213 Start Cartridge 0 1
9-8206 Tip, 30 Amp 3 30
9-8218 Shield Cup 0 1
Stock No.
$11.30 8-3487 O-Ring, Sold in a package of 5  
$11.95 8-3486 O-Ring, Sold in a package of 5  
$44.10 9-8215 Electrode, Maximum Life, Sold in a package of 5  
$35.93 9-8213 Start Cartridge  
$30.50 9-8212 Tip, 90 Amp, Sold in a package of 5  
$27.76 9-8218 Shield Cup  
$44.10 9-8237 Shield Cup, Maximum LIfe  
$138.00 5-2556 Standard Spare Parts Kit  
$193.00 7-3460 Remote Pendant Control, 20ft.
$122.00 7-7507 Air Filter Kit: .85 Micron Particulate
Filter for use on compressed air systems
$62.24 7-7501 Roller / Radius Kit
$121.00 7-3291 Circle Guide Kit
$90.00 9-1260 Leather Lead Cover, 20ft.
$110.00 9-1270 Leather Lead Cover, 25ft.
$222.00 9-1280 Leather Lead Cover, 50ft.
$234.00 7-7544 ATC Lead Extension, 15ft. ( 4.6m )
$276.00 7-7545 ATC Lead Extension, 25ft. ( 7.6m )
$539.00 7-7552 ATC Lead Extension, 50ft. ( 15.2m )
$249.00 7-8911 Straight Line Cutting Guide Kit: Easy add on attachments to allow for straight line cutting.
$264.00 7-8910 Cutting Guide Kit: Easy add on attachments to allow for straight line, circle cutting and beveling.
$235.00 7-8888 Multi-Purpose Cart: Rugged steel cart with large rubber wheels, swivel casters and extra shelf to maximize system portability.

Cut Capacity 1 1/4" (32mm) Genuine Cut
2" (50mm) Maximum
Output Current 20 - 120 Amps Adj.
Input Power 208 - 460 V, 1/3 ph, 60 Hz. 46/24 amps
Duty Cycle 60% @ 120 A
Weight 62 lbs (28.1 kgs)
Pilot Start Cartridge
Control Hand Torch Switch

Model SL100 w/ ATC Hand SL100 w/ ATC Machine
Hand 75o Head 20ft. (6.1m) or 50 ft. (15.2m) Leads
Machine 180o Head 25ft. (7.6m) or 50 ft. (15.2m) Leads
Optional Lead Extensions 15 ft. (4.6m), 25 ft. (7.6m), 50 ft. (15.2m)
Warranty Limited Warranty, 3 yrs Power Supply, 1 yr Torch
Certifications IP-23C, CSA, NTRL/C, CE

CutMaster 152:
Buy Price Part # Description
$3,840.00 1-1730-1 with SL100™ 75° hand torch, 20 ft. (6.1m) lead. 208-460V.
$3,900.00 1-1731-1 with SL100™ 75° hand torch, 50 ft. (6.1m) lead. 208 - 460V.

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Some products not kept in stock
Last update 18 June 2009

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