ArcMaster 201 TS.

The Thermal Arc 201 TS Portable DC Welder packs a serious punch and is ideal for tradesmen or welders with more demanding requirements. Powerful yet compact and portable, the 201TS can deliver 125 Amps on 115 Volt circuits for Stick welding and 160 Amps for TIG. When use on 208-230 Volt circuits, maximum output is 200 Amps for either welding process.

The 201 TS features optimized hot start and user adjustable arc-force circuits delivering superior arc starting and control when Stick welding. The power source has High Frequency or Lift TIG circuitry for the TIG welding and includes a trigger hold function (2T/4T), down slope timer, gas solenoid for flow through gas and the ability to use torch switch or foot control accessories.

This TIG torch included in the package has an integrated amperage control dial and on/off switch, which allows for the ulitimate in welding control and simplicity.


  • Versatile, multi-process Stick/TIG capability.
  • 200 Amp maximum welding output.
  • Excellent, smooth & stable arc performance.
  • 8 pin remote control with trigger latch.
  • Gas solenoid valve.
  • Arc force & down slope controls.
  • Highly efficient inverter design.
  • Lightweight for maximum portability (21.6 lbs).
  • Simple & easy, ready to weld package.
  • High frequency arc starting.

Type: Constant Current DC, HF TIG, Lift TIG & Stick Welder
Maximum Output 200A
Welding Amperage Range 115V Stick 10-125A / TIG 10-160 Amp
Welding Amperage Range 230V Stick / TIG 10-200 Amp
Rated Output: Stick 115V, 15A
                      TIG   115V, 15A
                      Stick 115V, 20A
                      TIG   115V, 20A
                      Stick 230V
                      TIG   230V
70A / 22.8V @70%
100A / 14.0V @60%
100A / 24.0V @45%
150A / 16.0V @34%
200A / 28.0V @20%
200A / 18.0V @20%
Nominal OCV Volt/DC 71V
Power Source Dimension:
(H x W x D)
9.0" x 5.3" x 17.7"
229mm x 135mm x 450mm
Power Source Weight 21.6 lbs (9.7kg)
Warranty Period 3 Years
Primary Voltage 115/208-230V
Hertz 50/60 Hz
Phase 1 PH
Designed To IP23A
Approvals EN 60974-1

Stock No.
$00.00 W4013600 26 style TIG torch with built in amperage control, on/off button, 5/8"-18 UNF hose connection, gas valve, 50mm dinse connection and TIG accessory kit with 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" thoriated tungstens; 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" collets; 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" collet bodies; No.5,6,7 Alumina nozzle; short back cap; long back cap  
$123.00 0781-1103 VICTOR AF150-580 Regulator, Argon-CO2 Flowgauge with 10' hose.  
$22.75 W4014000 Power adapter - 115V 20A to 15A  
$30.00 W4012802 Large Toolbox Case  
$358.00 10-4015 Foot Control with 8 pin amphenol 15'  
$00.00 WS200E13 Stick Lead, 200A, 13ft, 50mm Dinse.  
$00.00 WS200G10 Ground Lead, 200A,10ft, 50mm Dinse.

Stick Welding Package (Part # W1003801)
  • Thermal Arc 201 TS inverter welding power source
  • Tweco WeldSkill style 200A electrode hold with 13ft (4m) lead.
  • Tweco WeldSkill style 200A ground clamp with 10ft (3m) lead.
  • 26 Style TIG torch w/integreated contrals 12.5ft (3.8m) & accy kit.
  • Victor Argon regulator / flow gauge.
  • Gas hose.
  • Adapter plug from 230V 50 Amp to 115V 15 Amp circuits.
  • Operating manual.
  • Product family overview DVD.
  • 4 general purpose stick electrodes (E6013).
  • Carry case.

ArcMaster 201TS

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$1368.00 W003801 Stick Welding Package ArcMaster 201 TS
$1368.00 W003807 Stick Welding Package ArcMaster 201 TS CSA

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