ArcMaster 161S.

The Thermal Arc 161 S Portable DC Welder is designed for Stick & Lift TIG welding operations and provides a greater range of output for the advanced hobbyist or light industrial applications.

It is capable of delivering 110 Amps on 115 Volt circuits for Stick & TIG welding. When used on 208-230 Volt circuits, maximum output is 160 Amps for either welding process.

This welder features optimized hot start and arc-force circuits delivering superior arc starting and control when Stick welding.


  • Versatile, multi-process Stick/TIG capability.
  • 160 Amp maximum welding output.
  • Multi-voltage input power 115 & 208/230 VAC.
  • Excellent, smooth & stable arc performance.
  • Highly efficient inverter design.
  • Lightweight for maximum portability (17.4 lbs).
  • Simple & easy, ready to weld package.

Type: Constant Current DC Stick & TIG Welder
Maximum Output 160A
Welding Amperage Range 115V Stick / TIG 10-110 Amp
Welding Amperage Range 230V Stick / TIG 10-160 Amp
Rated Output: Stick 115V, 15A
                      TIG   115V, 15A
                      Stick 115V, 20A
                      TIG   115V, 20A
                      Stick 230V
                      TIG   230V
70A / 22.8V @60%
100A / 14.0V @60%
100A / 24.0V @35%
110A / 14.4V @30%
160A / 26.4V @30%
160A / 16.4V @30%
Nominal OCV Volt/DC 71V
Power Source Dimension:
(H x W x D)
9.0" x 5.3" x 15.5"
229mm x 135mm x 394mm
Power Source Weight 17.4 lbs (7.9kg)
Warranty Period 3 Years
Primary Voltage 115/208-230V
Hertz 50/60 Hz
Phase 1 PH
Designed To IP23A
Approvals EN 60974-1

Stock No.
$00.00 W4012600 17V style TIG Torch with 12.5ft lead, gas valve, 50mm dinse connection and accessory kit with 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" thoriated tungstens; 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" collets; 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" collet bodies; No. 5, 6, 7 Alumina nozzle; short back cap; long back cap  
$123.00 0781-1103 VICTOR AF150-580 Regulator, Argon-CO2 Flowgauge with 10' hose.  
$22.75 W4014000 Power adapter - 115V 20A to 15A  
$30.00 W4012802 Large Toolbox Case  
$358.00 10-4015 Foot Control with 8 pin amphenol 15'  
$00.00 WS200E13 Stick Lead, 200A, 13ft, 50mm Dinse.  
$00.00 WS200G10 Ground Lead, 200A,10ft, 50mm Dinse.

Stick Welding Package (Part # W1003602)
  • Thermal Arc 161 S inverter welding power source
  • Tweco WeldSkill style 200A electrode hold with 13ft (4m) lead.
  • Tweco WeldSkill style 200A ground clamp with 10ft (3m) lead.
  • Adapter plug from 230V 50 Amp to 115V 15 Amp circuits.
  • Operating manual.
  • Product family overview DVD.
  • 4 general purpose stick electrodes (E6013).
  • Carry case.
Stick/TIG Welding Package (Part # W1003203)
  • Includes all items above plus:
  • 17V style TIG torch 12.5ft (3.8m) & accy. kit.
  • Argon regulator / flow gauge.

ArcMaster 161S

Buy Price Part # Description
$800.00 W003608 Stick Welding Package ArcMaster 161 S
$908.00 W1003603 Stick/TIG Welding Package ArcMaster 161 S
$908.00 W1003609 Stick/TIG Welding Package ArcMaster 161 S CSA

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