Tri Flint Striker from Shurlite.

  • It is constructed with a heavy duty steel band with three flints attached.
  • Triple-flint lighter is a quality lighter made for the demands of the welding industry.
  • It has a strong frame and with three large flints for dependable ignition under all working conditions.

Price: $5.00


Shoot-a-Lite Lighter.

  • A flat, piston shaped device which throws off a brilliant spark from a flint at each squeeze of the trigger.
  • The flint remains adjusted automatically.
  • Zinc chromate finish casing houses a durable mechanism.
  • All mechanical parts are specially hardened for long wear.

Price: $14.68


Shoot-a-Lite Replacement Flints.

These flint renewals are replacements for those flints used in Shoot-A-Lite gun style lighters. They are packed in a small plastic box convenient for keeping the replacement flints handy in your drawer or tool chest.  10 to a pack.

Price: $4.00


Universal Round Striker.
Universal Round Lighter Features:
  • It features a new look, with it's square hood wrapped around the frame.
  • This rugged design provides more durability than ever before.
  • Under the hood is the round file which spins, and always assures a fresh spark.
  • The 3001 incorporates a larger flint than our previous model.
  • You can replace the flint when necessary.

Price: $ 2.81


Shurlite Replacement Tri Flint.

1 each

4 each

$1.00 5003X
$3.50 5012X


Shurlite Replacement Single Flint.

200 / Box

5 each
Items not carded

$1.50 3011X
$31.75 3001X

Last update 17 December 2008